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When you purchased the Digital Full Color Holoprinter, you also received the DHoX HoloSuite. This range of programs allows you to make Video Animated, Computer Generated and 2D/3D Holograms. The DHoX HoloSuite contains all the programs necessairy to make the best full color holograms within a few hours. The programs are all very userfriendly and supported by this DHoX Handbook. The first time you use the DHoX HoloSuite, please go step by step through the separate programs using this manual as your guide. We experienced that this is the best way to learn how to work with the programs.

We from Dutch Holographic hope you will find much ease and comfort in using the DHoX HoloSuite.

DHoX HoloGrab

Save digitized frames from a video or Holotrack camera. Grabbed frames can be viewed and converted to SGI images.

DHoX FrameSequencer

Cut or copy frames nonlinearly, to create the exact series of images for the hologram.

DHoX HoloEdit

One or more sequences can be inserted in 3D space. You can change their size, position, depth and transparancy. When the hologram composition is finished, the output images calculated can be used to make a HoloPrint.

DHoX HoloPrint

In this program you print the images rendered by HoloEdit. HoloPrint will print your master (H1) automatically.

DHoX HoloTransfer

Finally you make your transfer (H2) by using the HoloTransfer program.

DHoX HoloSuite made by: Geert-Jan Plattel

Handbook Written by: Rick van Rooy and Geert-Jan Plattel

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