Holograms at Dutch Holographic Laboratory

Dutch Holographic Laboratory b.v. started its history when Walter Spierings produced his first hologram in a shed in the backyard of his student home. Nowadays, our holograms are produced and developed in our own laboratory with high-tech production methods. Take a look at the possibilities for your (custom made) hologram.

At Dutch Holographic we produce:

Reflection Holograms

Embossed Rainbow Holograms

Reflection Holograms

Dutch Holographic produces traditional holograms, recorded from an existing object. Microscope is one example of this. Read more about this hologram!
After this the Multiple Photo Generated Hologram (MPGH) technique was developed. The Ricky Henderson hologram is a beautiful example. Read more about this hologram! Finally the Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) method was used to print the Piano hologram. The Bull hologram demonstrates the attractivity of 3D animation.

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Microscope MICROSCOPE shows the reality value of a hologram. If you view through the ocular, you can see the IC under the objective. It is a traditional hologram from 1984.

Ricky Henderson

RICKY HENDERSON makes clear that holograms can be full color. This famous player was recorded by the MPGH-technique.
At the time (1991) it caused great admiration at the annual conference of holographers in San José, being the first large (30 x 40 cm) true full color hologram ever.

Piano reflection PIANO demonstrates a 3D hardcopy from a computer model. A CGH hologram made in 1992 on the Dutch Holographic Holoprinter.

Dashboard DASHBOARD is used for previsualing design in a developmental environment.

Bull Cube BULL CUBE presents animation in 3 dimensions. It is a Computer Generated Hologram, printed with the Holoprinter.

Stomachs STOMACHS. A instruction 3D video animation in 2 colors. This inhouse drawn model was made for the pharmacie.

Embossed Rainbow Holograms

Face FACE is an impression of true color holography using artwork on slides.

peggy PEGGY was recorded using the Dutch Holographic Holotrack®. After digitally removing the blue screen, a beach was inserted in the background. The sand, water, palm trees and sky are all on different depth layers.

Piano embossed PIANO is a 3D Full Color embossed hologram, class CGH. Holograms are printed on the Digital Full Color Holoprinter. It shows the high quality of 2D/3D holograms using this CGH technique.

Video Generated Hologram: Fishing Bird FISHING BIRD contains a 5 sec. movie, grabbed from videotape. It reveals new possiblities for holography now we have entered the digital era.

Video Generated Hologram: Baby Tiger   Video Generated Hologram: Baby Tiger

Video Generated Hologram: Baby Tiger   Video Generated Hologram: Baby Tiger

Video Generated Hologram: Baby Tiger   Video Generated Hologram: Baby Tiger

The BABY TIGER hologram holds 10 seconds of video.

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